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Note: Tracking numbers for orders resent because of a return or exchange and tracking numbers for batteries cannot be tracked using forms above. Click on "I have a different question/issue" for these type of inquiries.

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Warranty Period:

All AC Adapters and car chargers come with a 2 year extended warranty. The extended warranty will cover anything that can go wrong with the adapter, even if it was run over by a car. We will replace it as long as you can send it back to us.

All batteries come with a standard 1 year warranty for manufacture defects.

"You have two options for warranty claims, you may either mail the item back for a replacement or pay a $20 convenience fee and have a replacement shipped off to you immediately without the need to mail anything back to us. Standard warranty claims typically take 2 weeks to process from start to finish. If you pay the $20 convenience fee, you will receive a replacement in 2-3 business days. If the convenience fee is paid, you may throw the defective adapter away."

Refund Policy:

We have a 30-day refund policy with all of our products.

Difference between universal chargers and our chargers:

Universal chargers are laptop adapters with detachable tips.

See picture example: http://www.all-battery.co.uk/images/70w%20laptop%20ac%20adapter.jpg

We DO NOT sell universal adapters. Universal adapters are ALWAYS low quality and will not work for more than a couple of months. All of our adapters are model specific and have one tip permanently attached.

Accepted Payment Methods For Phone Orders:

  •          Visa
  •          Mastercard
  •          American Express
  •          Discover

Accepted Payment Methods Online:

  •          Visa
  •          Mastercard
  •          American Express
  •          Discover
  •          Google Checkout
  •          Paypal

Google Checkout Promotion:

We have a special $20 off promotion if the customer pays with Google Checkout. The minimum order amount for this promotion is $200. Sometimes people don't know about the minimum $200 promotion.

Models that are listed online:

  •          Compaq
  •          Toshiba
  •          Dell
  •          Sony
  •          IBM
  •          Lenovo
  •          Apple
  •          HP
  •          Gateway
  •         Acer



Voltage (V) = Must be within 1 of whats required

Amperage (A) = Must be exact or greater than what is required.

Watts = Found by multiplying the voltage times the amperage

Tip = Part of the adapter that goes into the laptop

Power cord = Part of the adapter that goes into the wall

Laptop Model Numbers:

All laptop model numbers are listed on the bottom of the laptop

Hp model number is listed on the "service tag" on the bottom of the laptop.

                Example: http://h50176.www5.hp.com/images/c00424163.jpg (Model HP Pavilion ze5000)

Sony Model Number: http://www.blisscomputers.net/images/tn_sony-model-number_f.jpg

Toshiba Model: http://www.hardemancountyschools.org/technology/images/ToshibaLaptop2.jpg

                (model is 1800-s207, ignore the serial number)

Another example: http://greenhopehigh.wcpss.net/site_images/laptop.png

Look at this link: http://www.atbatt.com/blog/35.asp

Adapter Part Numbers:

                The laptop part number is located on the bottom of the laptop. The adapter part number is located on the back of the original adapter that came with the laptop. Adapter also sometimes have brands that are different than the brand of the laptop. LiteOn and Hypro are the most popular brands, Only our Sony and Dell laptop categories have part numbers listed on them.

                Example: http://novatecdirect.com/novatecdirect-images/power-supply/back-view-toshiba-charger-19v.jpg (Model number: PCGA-AC19V, Output: 19v 3.42a)

                Example: http://www.sunvalleyus.com/shop/UploadPhotos/93-03041-003.jpg (Model: ADP-36EH, Output 12v 3A)


Information when taking a phone order:

All phone orders need ONE of the following:

1. Laptop Model Number
2. Input / DC Rating on Laptop (Voltage Required. Amperage if Available.)
3. Adapter model number
4. Output Rating on Original Adapter (Voltage and Amperage)


Power Cord Length Options:

All adapters have 2 parts. The part that goes into the laptop (tip) is permanently attached to the adapter(brick). The second part is called the power cord, this is the part that goes into the wall. Both parts are included with all of our adapters.

            Power cord length options:

                        4 Ft = +$6.14

                        8 Ft = +$9.76

                        12 Ft = + 12.61


After sale surveys:

Certain HP and Toshiba models require have more than one compatible adapter. When an order is placed for these models, a survey must be filled out after the sale.  For example HP models are sold on the site in ranges. The dv6000 range will cover all models in between dv6001 to dv6999. We don't list each model on the website and instead sell the "dv6000" which will encompass all of these models and require an after sale survey to be filled out so we can determine exactly what to ship. You do not have to worry about after sale surveys for phone orders. Sometimes  customers who ordered online have questions about the after sale survey at which point you can fill it out for them or guide them through it.

After-Sale Survey: https://www.prontocharger.com/Articles.asp?ID=132

Shipping Options:

  •          4-5 Days:  $6.14
  •          2-3 days:  $9.76
  •          Overnight: $24.33

All orders placed before 5 PM CST are shipped the same day. Some people confuse Same Day Shipping with Same Day Delivery. We do not offer free shipping.


Battery Shipping:

Batteries are shipped separately from all other orders.  They can arrive up to a week after the AC adapter arrives.

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