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HP Pavilion 

HP Pavilion 14
HP Pavilion 15
HP Pavilion 17


HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook


HP Pavilion 14 Sleekbook
HP Pavilion 15 Sleekbook


HP Pavilion 15 Touchsmart
HP Pavilion 10 Touchsmart
HP Pavilion Touchsmart 11
HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14
HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14 Sleekbook
HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14 Ultrabook
HP Pavilion Touchsmart 15
HP Pavilion Touchsmart 15 Sleekbook

DM Series

*For the HP DM Series, ignore the numbers after the dash. For example, DM1-1000 would be a part of the DM1 Series.

DM1- Series*
DM3- Series*
DM4- Series*

DV Series

*The Dash Series Includes -1000 to -9950. For example: DV5-1002US is different than DV5000

DV Non-Dash

DV Dash (-)

DV1000 Series DV2 - Series*
DV1100 Series DV2z - Series*
DV1200 Series DV3 - Series*
DV1300 Seriess DV3T - Series*
DV1400 Series DV3Z- Series*
DV1500 Series DV4- and DV4t- Series*
DV1600 Series DV4Z - Series*
DV1700 Series DV5- Series*
DV2000 Series DV5T - Series*
DV2100 Series DV5TSE - Series*
DV2200 Series DV5Z - Series*
DV2300 Series DV6 - Series*
DV2400 Series DV6T - Series*
DV2500 Series DV6Z - Series*
DV2600 Series DV7 - Series*
DV2700 Series DV7T - Series*
DV2800 Series DV7Z - Series*
DV2900 Series DV8 - Series*
DV3000 Series DV8T - Series*
DV3100 Series
DV3500 Series
DV3600 Series
DV3700 Series
DV3800 Series
DV4000 Series
DV4100 Series
DV4200 Series
DV4300 Series
DV4400 Series
DV5000 Series
DV5100 Series
DV5200 Series
DV5300 Series
DV6000 Series
DV6100 Series
DV6200 Series
DV6300 Series
DV6400 Series
DV6500 Series
DV6600 Series
DV6700 Series
DV6800 Series
DV6900 Series
DV7000 Series
DV8000 Series
DV8500 Series
DV8700 Series
DV9000 Series
DV9100 Series
DV9200 Series
DV9300 Series
DV9400 Series
DV9500 Series
DV9600 Series
DV9700 Series
DV9800 Series
DV9900 Series

DX Series

DX6000 Series (Includes all models from DX6000 to DX6599)
DX6600 Series (Includes all models from DX6600 to DX6999)

G Series

G4 Series
G4T Series
G6 Series
G6T Series
G6Z Series
G7 Series
G7T Series
G7Z Series

M Series

M6 Series
M6T Series
M7 Series

N Series

N3000 Series
N5000 Series
N6000 Series

TX Series

*The Dash Series Includes -1000 to -9950. For example: TX2-1020US is different than TX2000

TX Non-Dash

TX Dash (-)

TX1000 Series TX2- Series*
TX1100 Series
TX1200 Series
TX1300 Series
TX1400 Series
TX2000 Series
TX2100 Series
TX2500 Series
TX2600 Series

ZD Series

ZD7000 (Includes all models from ZD7000 to ZD7999)
ZD8000 (Includes all models from ZD8000 to ZD8999)

ZE Series

ZE1000 (Includes all models from ZE1000 to ZE1999)
ZE2000 (Includes all models from ZE2000 to ZE2999)
ZE4000 (Includes all models from ZE4000 to ZE4899)
ZE4900 (Includes all models from ZE4900 to ZE4999)
ZE5000 (Includes all models from ZE5000 to ZE5999)

ZT Series

ZT1000 (Includes all models from ZT1000 to ZT1999)
ZT3000 (Includes all models from ZT3000 to ZT3999)

ZU Series

ZU1000 (Includes all models from ZU1000 to ZU1999)

ZV Series

ZV5000 (Includes all models from ZV5000 to ZV5999)
ZV6000 (Includes all models from ZV6000 to ZV6999)

ZX Series

ZX5000 (Includes all models from ZX5000 to ZX5999)

X Series

*The first two letters of the model number determine the series. For example, XF125 is part of the XF series.

XF Series*
XH Series*
XT Series*
XU Series*
XZ Series*

X2 Series

HP Pavilion 11 x2
HP Pavilion 13 x2